Free Books!

If you have a Tablet, you’ll be happy to know that there are some sites online that offer free PDF books for download! You can read on your computer too, or even your phone! Here are 3 sites where you can find the best kind of books – free ones!

First up is PDF Drive, a site with tonnes upon tonnes of free PDF books you can download. You dont have to sign up for anything, no annoying forms to fill out, just follow the link below and start searching for whatever kind of stuff you want to read about! Ive got a good few books to read off it already.

PDF Drive Website

Next up is Holy Books. If your into Spirituality, they’ve got a variety of holy books you can download for free. Again, no sign up or any of that bullshit, just free PDF books you can download! I have got the entire Gnostic Bible off there and Im enjoying reading it, along with a number of other books I thought sounded interesting.

Holy Books Website

And last but not least, is Dark Books. There is not exactly that much options when your looking for free books, but if your into the Occult, spells, magic and shit like that, this site is for you! Ive found loads of Masonic texts and some Ancient Celtic Spirituality books too on here. Theres everything from Rosecrucian mysteries to Satanic spells on here. Its a bit weird but sure, hey, theyre all free! If youve ever wanted to research into the Occult , nows your chance! Follow the link below :

Dark Books Website

There you have it! 3 great sites stacked full of free PDF books for your Tablet, Phone or Computer! If you still want more, you could sign up to Kindle Unlimited for a free one month trial, although you’ll need an Amazon account and Credit Card details for that. Ive signed up, and have read a good few books for free on it so far, but the quality of the content varies from book to book. Some are short throwaways full of spelling mistakes, others are much longer, proper works worth reading. Could be worth checking out!

Thanks for reading!

-Willy G 

Mystic Knowledge of the Ages (Review)

‘Mystic Knowledge of the Ages : The Reawakening’ by M. G Hawking, H Cantrell, & A. Chellings

This was a free-with-Kindle-Unlimited E-Book, and it consisted of exerpts from a larger work by M. G. Hawking, compiled from his field notes collected while he was exploring the Himalayan Valleys.

It was a strange book, making claims of meetings with ‘Spirit Beings’ that were possibly extraterrestrial, and Psycho- and Tele-kenesis. The author visited this Himalayan villiage and talked with these people who were mystics, and sorcerers. He supposedly witnessed things, like one of these adepts making a storm disappear, another freezing his cup of tea to ice just by holding it, and other strange things.

It occurs to me that these things may just be made up, possibly in an attempt to sell books, or for whatever reason. I dont think there is any proof of Telekenesis or Psychokenesis in the world, but the book cites studys done at universities on the subjects, and uses quantum mechanics to explain its concepts.

One section was exerpts from Ancient Egyptian texts that had been translated, of a great student of the mysteries. She was said to have excelled at her studies from a young age, and wrote about how the world is not real, but that you create your own experience with your thoughts, and emotions. What you think about, comes into creation in your life. She could mean that we see things based on how we think, but if reality really is a product of thought, how, I ask, does that explain the possibly infinite universe that scientists are observing?

While the Ancient Egyptian knowledge seemed interesting and empowering, and some of the Himalayan mystic teachings were also very intriguing, the claims of these mental powers of Telekenesis, Telepathy and Clairvoyance make me think a lot of this may be make believe.

Still, it was an interesting read, and it was free! So Im not complaining, haha.

How to be Fucking Awesome (Book Review)

How to be Fucking Awesome by Dan Meredith.

This was a book I found while scouring the Store for free Kindle Unlimited titles, and the selection wasn’t great. Most books were shitty 1 dollar, read in half an hour throwaways. I got one on the Annunaki , which I thought might be interesting to read, albeit full of Alien horseshit but it was terribly written, there were spelling mistakes and long lists of Sumerian gods descendants so I skimmed though it and promptly returned it.

I was looking for Gnostic books too, and the only one I found which I thought might be interesting, glitched out when I got it with no words showing up in it at all! After mailing customer support to let them know, I abandoned my search for Gnostic wisdom, after all, im paying 8 quid a month yet i would have to pay another 12 just to read the Gnostic Bible! Im thinking for that price I may just get the physical book.

In my search for anything decent, one title stood out amongst the garbage, lol. How to be fucking awesome seemed like a good read. It was 12 quid for the physical copy but free on Kindle Unimited so I thought Id be getting a bargain. A few seconds later I was reading it.

The author, Dan Meredith, has a pretty entertaining style of writing. He is not a clean-cut academic , no-cursing kind of intellectual big-word using , make-the-reader-feel-stupid novelist, he curses, he tells it like it is, he claims ‘Chakras’ and all that shit is nonsense,yet encourages it if it works for you,  he is very readable.

I started it last night, and really enjoyed it. The advice he is giving is sound too I think. As he says theres nothing sexy about it, just plain old hard work will get you where you want to be type advice. He recommends exercise, being selfish (as in , make sure your ok first so that you can help others better) and has a wealth of experience becoming a successful entrepreneur.

This guy just spells it out, giving you core principles to stick to for success, while mixing in some tales of his own life along the way. I don’t regret reading this book, and as I read it, I found it very inspirational, like one of those motivational speeches on YouTube. And his humour, along with speaking like a regular person, swears and all, really gave his attitude an entertaining quality that keeps you reading. Most importantly, his down to earth style means the advice really gets through to you.

It was a short enough book, I think I finished it all together in around an hour and a half. Since it was free, its all good. Perhaps he didn’t need to write more, as the knowledge in the book was enough.  Check it out if you enjoy getting motivated, and have 2 hours to kill, you’ll probably take something helpful from it. It may even change your life if you put his advice into practice.

Ancient Knowledge by George Curtis

Ancient Knowledge by George Curtis & Jack Lewis

This is not your average book. Its an intriguing account of ancient knowledge, full of twists and turns and out there theories. It is crazy, it is offensive. Its very courageous for the authors to put this out, for them to share their opinions of what they believe is fact. Above all, its a great read

I got this book yesterday, as I had previously read ‘The Heretics Handbook’ by Jonathan Black. This book was along the same lines as that one I guess, because it showed up in the kindle recommended list. It was a much longer book than Blacks, with some 350 pages, and an estimated read time of a good few hours. Not only that, but the physical copy was £10, yet the Kindle Unlimited E-Book version was free! So I decided to give it a read, it seemed like a bargain!

I literally had no idea where the book was going, I think the description was something along the lines of ‘One mans journey to find ancient knowledge’ or something like that. It began with two elderly ladies knocking on the authors door, to talk about the Bible. They suggested that he take the Bible stories literally, and so thats just what he did.

What followed was a breakdown of Genesis, through his eyes. His logic and reasoning was very entertaining, and he included a good bit of humour in the whole thing too. He reasoned his way into the far out realization that Interstellar Alien Colonists seeding life throughout the Galaxy – The Elohim – created humanity, and not only that, they did much more things that affect us too.

His theory took him to the Tower of Babel, which he reckoned was something else all-together, and while researching and fiddling about with graphs of the plans and whatnot, he derived a mathematical formula that exposed a great ancient secret! I don’t want to give anything away, but he based the rest of his book on this formula, which I assume is sound, but his interpretation of the implications of it may be wrong.

At times, while reading, I was thinking, this guy is so crazy, but he isn’t stopping! He kept stating more and more facts, ‘Ancient Knowledge’ as he describes it, and reading just to see what he would think of next was what kept me turning the page.

He was very entertaining to read as he came up with these insane, far out theories about the universe and mankind, seemingly through deductive reasoning! He was definitely 100% invested in this theory of his being true, and it having staggering implications for humanity. He went on to talk of many things which painted a whole different view of reality than what we are used to. It was like putting the book down afterwards to find you had been transported to an alternate dimension!

His theories on the Bible have enraged Christians, yet his theories on Evolution have also angered scientists! He is pissing everybody off! And he doesn’t care, the whole time he is writing to inform you of this crazy ancient knowledge he has discovered!

If you have a Kindle Unlimited Subscription, I whole-heartedly recommend this book, if you are not afraid to suspend your beliefs about the world we live in and ponder some far out theories for fun. I commend the mans bravery for putting his book out there, filled with his out of the norm beliefs, knowing he will face backlash for thinking heretically. If you want an alternative view of world history, this book is for you!



The Heretics Handbook (Review)

The Heretics Handbook By Jonathan Black.

With such a name, the book caught my attention. I often feel bad for all the Heretics of the past who were unjustly burnt at the stake for thinking outside of the norm, by the Church in Medieval times. It inspires a rebellious attitude in me to explore their works, and do what they couldn’t. The modern day Heretics are ostracised too, in all fields. Its almost heretical to suggest any out-there theories these days. But Jonathan Black strives to throw a spanner in the works of this belief. His attitude is very much commendable, he ventures where other authors wouldn’t.

I first read Blacks intriguing book ‘The Secret History of the World’ back when I was going through a psychotic episode, when I first got diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I was convinced of the Reality of the Spiritual things he talked about in that book as if it were fact, because I was ill. What he said in the book really turned a psychotic episode into a spiritual experience for me.  It really made an impression on me and to this day its a book I still come back to for a look through every once in a while.

I got his second book after I got well, ‘The Sacred History’. I was a bit more disappointed in this one though since it spoke of content involving ‘how Angels and Mystics’ shaped our world history. But I was left reading fairy stories and folk tales. While it was still inspirational, I had envisioned more along the lines of deep esoteric mysteries.

It was exciting when I found this new E-Book of his, ‘The Heretics Handbook’, which supposedly was more along the lines of the Spiritual Mysticism side of things. I envisioned tales of Oracles predicting fates and Adepts of Mystery Schools explaining their teachings, you know, the good stuff.

I went and bought an Amazon Fire Tablet and a Kindle Unlimited Subscription just to read this E-Book. I thoroughly enjoyed the read too. Having a new Tablet, and all the joys that go with treating yourself to something new, were pleasantly accompanied by that same sense of wonder and intrigue I felt when I first read Blacks work.

What I expected wasn’t what I got though. There were Ancient Mystery School Teachings, but they were more like a set of spiritual principles and laws that one should follow.  I was kind of disappointed. I had expected the same wonder as I had felt with Blacks first book. There was a lack of illustrations, too. It was also a short book, maybe 150 pages or so , it didn’t take me long to read.

To me, it could’ve been much longer and more detailed. To put it in perspective, I found an E-Magazine called the Rosicrucian Digest afterward, and it was much longer and full of ancient knowledge. It was also completely free, and there are many issues on the kindle store. This felt like the bare bones of a project Black could’ve expanded on , into another epic wealth of inspiration like his first work.

I really enjoy books like this though, and its a shame that there isn’t much authors exploring the topic of Esoteric Knowledge.  But if your into that kind of thing, Jonathan Black is the author to read. His ‘Secret History of the World’ book is definitely his best, and this E-Book is a good introduction to his world of Magic and Alchemy. I suggest you pick it up first.


Kindle Unlimited


I just bought an Amazon Fire Tablet, and signed up to Kindle Unlimited. If you dont know what Im talking about, a Fire Tablet is just like a regular handheld Android device but you can read E-Books on it and Kindle Unlimited is a service you can sign up for to read books on. You get access to over a million books for like 8 quid a month.

This isnt going to be like an advertisement for this stuff, or me going on about how great it is, even though it is pretty fuckin sweet. Ive read a few books on it since yesterday and Im really enjoying it so far. The first thing I noticed was that you can read with the light off! Which is really handy if you want to read before bed and you dont have a lamp close by. If you have to get your ass up and walk all the way over to the door to turn off the light switch, lets face it, if your as lazy as me, fuck that!

I had a real hassle with the Amazon customer services though. You know how they charge you a pound randomly every now and again? To test if your payment will go through, well I inquired about it in case they charged me for a book by accident since its free with Kindle Unlimited. They got back to me, explaining the test payment thing pretty quickly so I gave the guy a good feedback review. But then I asked why this is the third time its happened, as I wasn’t sure if it had been refunded the past 2 times. I’m Paranoid Schizophrenic, so I be thinking things like that.

The guy I had been emailing waited a while, till I got a cup of coffee and settled in with my tablet to read this book I had been dying to read,(The Heretics Handbook, by Jonathan Black)  its why I got the damn thing because its only available as an E-Book. He waited till I was a chapter in, to cancel my Kindle Unlimited Subscription, and send me an email claiming it had been cancelled ‘As per my request!’. The book disappeared and I had to email like mad all night.

I was furious, I sent like 4 emails of complaints to different customer services outlets, and demanded a supervisor be involved and everything, I even posted on the Amazon help forum. They got back to me an hour or so later and apologized. I had to sign up again, and they’re issuing me a refund now for the month, along with 3 pounds promotional credit as a gesture of good will.

I was furious about this shit though, that employee decided they didn’t like my question so they just ended my free trial on the day it started! I have been a loyal Amazon customer for years, without any bother at all. Amazon itself is great, it was just this one employee who was out of order. It ruined my night and the hassle of getting it sorted did too, I had to wait to get money transferred the next day to sign up again.

Despite this, I am really enjoying the Tablet and the Service. I am planning on writing a book soon and I’ve heard you have to read as much as possible each day to stay inspired. As an aspiring author, it really will be an asset in the coming months.

As far as the service goes, the kindle books vary in length, I just read one in 20 mins. Then I downloaded one which is over 300 pages long, so its a mixed bag. But the Fire Tablet battery is pretty good its lasted two days now, but the hassle with the customer services stopped me reading that much yesterday.

If you do read, I would recommend Kindle Unlimited, but if your picky, you’ll still have to buy a lot of books that aren’t free. Once you unsubscribe, you lose the books and you can only borrow 10 books at a time. It is much handier than reading physical books though.

I will be doing more regular articles from now on, in an attempt to keep up my writing, so expect to hear more from me. If you enjoyed what you read, please feel free to check out the rest of my articles on the ScribblingWilly blog for more interesting content, and if your into Hip Hop, check out my WIllyGMusic widget to the right of each article to see how well I can kick a rhyme!

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Crash Bandicoot

Damn I love playing Crash Bandicoot! All you gamers out there know, its just so good! Collecting boxes, getting masks, spinning enemies. Puzzle-solving, death defying and super fun, Crash Bandicoot is the only game Ive ever completed! If your on a Crash Buzz from playing the Remastered PS4 N-Sane Trilogy, I’ve got good news for you, there are more Crash games out there!

Crash Bandicoot (2)

I’ve been playing Crash since I was a kid, I got Crash Bandicoot One for the PS One, and I just played it for months. My Cousin and my Aunt played it a good bit too, and together we completed it if I remember correctly. It was super difficult and I think we were stuck on 99% for a long time, but we finally did it!

Its was super addictive, and the satisfaction you get from completing a level is insane. You can only save on bonus rounds too, some of which are super tricky to survive, and if you die, thats it! No chance to save the game! You just gotta keep playing on till the next bonus round, because if you run out of lives on the level, your sent back 2, maybe 3 levels! And you probably have to beat a boss again!


These difficulties aside though, I thoroughly enjoyed that game. And I still have it now on my PS3. Ive played all 3 of the Crash Bandicoot PS One games, and after the difficulty of the first one, the next 2 were just super easy and there was no challenge whatsoever. Even though I’ve heard the 3rd one is most popular, after completing the first, I became a bit of a Crash snob!

I recently figured out how to get an Emulator on my Laptop to play Game Boy Advance games, and was delighted to find a bunch of Crash games for it! For Free! A legal grey area, if the games aren’t being manufactured anymore, I don’t think there’s any harm in Emulating them. But some may disagree. Its like the Android Boxes that were all the rage there, everyone has one, although what you do with them is pretty illegal.


Who cares though, its new Crash Bandicoot games! Haha. I’ve started playing Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure for the Game Boy Advance and I’m loving it! Its such a challenge at parts, Super tricky, but incredibly satisfying to beat. I’m currently on Level 10, and its been tonnes of fun.

I’ve even managed to record my progress to make a kind of Walk-through for anyone who ever gets stuck. I am probably about 10 years late with this, but still, I wanted to utilize my X-Box Game-Bar that came with my Windows 10 Laptop, which lets you record your game-play.


It’s a very obscure game, and if your not a die hard Crash fan, you’ll probably overlook it. In fact I’ve seen some YouTubers call it terrible! Keeping in mind you can get Game Boy Advance Emulators for your phone for free from the Play Store, this can be a great game for passing the time in a waiting room, or on your way somewhere on a bus.

I’m going to beat this game one way or another, and if you would like to see what the game-plays like, look no further than my You Tube channel. Here I’ve been uploading my progress all week. I’ve made a Playlist of the Wall-through, so if you decide to get it and get stuck, you know where to go to find the solution.

Here’s my Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure Walk-through.


Once again, thanks for reading! Be sure to Like or Comment, Follow or Subscribe or Whatever you want . I’ve been Scribbling Willy!