Mystic Knowledge of the Ages (Review)

‘Mystic Knowledge of the Ages : The Reawakening’ by M. G Hawking, H Cantrell, & A. Chellings

This was a free-with-Kindle-Unlimited E-Book, and it consisted of exerpts from a larger work by M. G. Hawking, compiled from his field notes collected while he was exploring the Himalayan Valleys.

It was a strange book, making claims of meetings with ‘Spirit Beings’ that were possibly extraterrestrial, and Psycho- and Tele-kenesis. The author visited this Himalayan villiage and talked with these people who were mystics, and sorcerers. He supposedly witnessed things, like one of these adepts making a storm disappear, another freezing his cup of tea to ice just by holding it, and other strange things.

It occurs to me that these things may just be made up, possibly in an attempt to sell books, or for whatever reason. I dont think there is any proof of Telekenesis or Psychokenesis in the world, but the book cites studys done at universities on the subjects, and uses quantum mechanics to explain its concepts.

One section was exerpts from Ancient Egyptian texts that had been translated, of a great student of the mysteries. She was said to have excelled at her studies from a young age, and wrote about how the world is not real, but that you create your own experience with your thoughts, and emotions. What you think about, comes into creation in your life. She could mean that we see things based on how we think, but if reality really is a product of thought, how, I ask, does that explain the possibly infinite universe that scientists are observing?

While the Ancient Egyptian knowledge seemed interesting and empowering, and some of the Himalayan mystic teachings were also very intriguing, the claims of these mental powers of Telekenesis, Telepathy and Clairvoyance make me think a lot of this may be make believe.

Still, it was an interesting read, and it was free! So Im not complaining, haha.

Author: scribblingwilly

I am an aspiring author from Donegal, Ireland. I am also a hip hop artist.

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