Free Books!

If you have a Tablet, you’ll be happy to know that there are some sites online that offer free PDF books for download! You can read on your computer too, or even your phone! Here are 3 sites where you can find the best kind of books – free ones!

First up is PDF Drive, a site with tonnes upon tonnes of free PDF books you can download. You dont have to sign up for anything, no annoying forms to fill out, just follow the link below and start searching for whatever kind of stuff you want to read about! Ive got a good few books to read off it already.

PDF Drive Website

Next up is Holy Books. If your into Spirituality, they’ve got a variety of holy books you can download for free. Again, no sign up or any of that bullshit, just free PDF books you can download! I have got the entire Gnostic Bible off there and Im enjoying reading it, along with a number of other books I thought sounded interesting.

Holy Books Website

And last but not least, is Dark Books. There is not exactly that much options when your looking for free books, but if your into the Occult, spells, magic and shit like that, this site is for you! Ive found loads of Masonic texts and some Ancient Celtic Spirituality books too on here. Theres everything from Rosecrucian mysteries to Satanic spells on here. Its a bit weird but sure, hey, theyre all free! If youve ever wanted to research into the Occult , nows your chance! Follow the link below :

Dark Books Website

There you have it! 3 great sites stacked full of free PDF books for your Tablet, Phone or Computer! If you still want more, you could sign up to Kindle Unlimited for a free one month trial, although you’ll need an Amazon account and Credit Card details for that. Ive signed up, and have read a good few books for free on it so far, but the quality of the content varies from book to book. Some are short throwaways full of spelling mistakes, others are much longer, proper works worth reading. Could be worth checking out!

Thanks for reading!

-Willy G 

Author: scribblingwilly

I am an aspiring author from Donegal, Ireland. I am also a hip hop artist.

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