The Heretics Handbook (Review)

The Heretics Handbook By Jonathan Black.

With such a name, the book caught my attention. I often feel bad for all the Heretics of the past who were unjustly burnt at the stake for thinking outside of the norm, by the Church in Medieval times. It inspires a rebellious attitude in me to explore their works, and do what they couldn’t. The modern day Heretics are ostracised too, in all fields. Its almost heretical to suggest any out-there theories these days. But Jonathan Black strives to throw a spanner in the works of this belief. His attitude is very much commendable, he ventures where other authors wouldn’t.

I first read Blacks intriguing book ‘The Secret History of the World’ back when I was going through a psychotic episode, when I first got diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I was convinced of the Reality of the Spiritual things he talked about in that book as if it were fact, because I was ill. What he said in the book really turned a psychotic episode into a spiritual experience for me.  It really made an impression on me and to this day its a book I still come back to for a look through every once in a while.

I got his second book after I got well, ‘The Sacred History’. I was a bit more disappointed in this one though since it spoke of content involving ‘how Angels and Mystics’ shaped our world history. But I was left reading fairy stories and folk tales. While it was still inspirational, I had envisioned more along the lines of deep esoteric mysteries.

It was exciting when I found this new E-Book of his, ‘The Heretics Handbook’, which supposedly was more along the lines of the Spiritual Mysticism side of things. I envisioned tales of Oracles predicting fates and Adepts of Mystery Schools explaining their teachings, you know, the good stuff.

I went and bought an Amazon Fire Tablet and a Kindle Unlimited Subscription just to read this E-Book. I thoroughly enjoyed the read too. Having a new Tablet, and all the joys that go with treating yourself to something new, were pleasantly accompanied by that same sense of wonder and intrigue I felt when I first read Blacks work.

What I expected wasn’t what I got though. There were Ancient Mystery School Teachings, but they were more like a set of spiritual principles and laws that one should follow.  I was kind of disappointed. I had expected the same wonder as I had felt with Blacks first book. There was a lack of illustrations, too. It was also a short book, maybe 150 pages or so , it didn’t take me long to read.

To me, it could’ve been much longer and more detailed. To put it in perspective, I found an E-Magazine called the Rosicrucian Digest afterward, and it was much longer and full of ancient knowledge. It was also completely free, and there are many issues on the kindle store. This felt like the bare bones of a project Black could’ve expanded on , into another epic wealth of inspiration like his first work.

I really enjoy books like this though, and its a shame that there isn’t much authors exploring the topic of Esoteric Knowledge.  But if your into that kind of thing, Jonathan Black is the author to read. His ‘Secret History of the World’ book is definitely his best, and this E-Book is a good introduction to his world of Magic and Alchemy. I suggest you pick it up first.


Author: scribblingwilly

I am an aspiring author from Donegal, Ireland. I am also a hip hop artist.

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