Crash Bandicoot

Damn I love playing Crash Bandicoot! All you gamers out there know, its just so good! Collecting boxes, getting masks, spinning enemies. Puzzle-solving, death defying and super fun, Crash Bandicoot is the only game Ive ever completed! If your on a Crash Buzz from playing the Remastered PS4 N-Sane Trilogy, I’ve got good news for you, there are more Crash games out there!

Crash Bandicoot (2)

I’ve been playing Crash since I was a kid, I got Crash Bandicoot One for the PS One, and I just played it for months. My Cousin and my Aunt played it a good bit too, and together we completed it if I remember correctly. It was super difficult and I think we were stuck on 99% for a long time, but we finally did it!

Its was super addictive, and the satisfaction you get from completing a level is insane. You can only save on bonus rounds too, some of which are super tricky to survive, and if you die, thats it! No chance to save the game! You just gotta keep playing on till the next bonus round, because if you run out of lives on the level, your sent back 2, maybe 3 levels! And you probably have to beat a boss again!


These difficulties aside though, I thoroughly enjoyed that game. And I still have it now on my PS3. Ive played all 3 of the Crash Bandicoot PS One games, and after the difficulty of the first one, the next 2 were just super easy and there was no challenge whatsoever. Even though I’ve heard the 3rd one is most popular, after completing the first, I became a bit of a Crash snob!

I recently figured out how to get an Emulator on my Laptop to play Game Boy Advance games, and was delighted to find a bunch of Crash games for it! For Free! A legal grey area, if the games aren’t being manufactured anymore, I don’t think there’s any harm in Emulating them. But some may disagree. Its like the Android Boxes that were all the rage there, everyone has one, although what you do with them is pretty illegal.


Who cares though, its new Crash Bandicoot games! Haha. I’ve started playing Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure for the Game Boy Advance and I’m loving it! Its such a challenge at parts, Super tricky, but incredibly satisfying to beat. I’m currently on Level 10, and its been tonnes of fun.

I’ve even managed to record my progress to make a kind of Walk-through for anyone who ever gets stuck. I am probably about 10 years late with this, but still, I wanted to utilize my X-Box Game-Bar that came with my Windows 10 Laptop, which lets you record your game-play.


It’s a very obscure game, and if your not a die hard Crash fan, you’ll probably overlook it. In fact I’ve seen some YouTubers call it terrible! Keeping in mind you can get Game Boy Advance Emulators for your phone for free from the Play Store, this can be a great game for passing the time in a waiting room, or on your way somewhere on a bus.

I’m going to beat this game one way or another, and if you would like to see what the game-plays like, look no further than my You Tube channel. Here I’ve been uploading my progress all week. I’ve made a Playlist of the Wall-through, so if you decide to get it and get stuck, you know where to go to find the solution.

Here’s my Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure Walk-through.


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Wario Land 4 (GBA) Walkthrough

I’ve managed to get the Game Boy Advance going on the Laptop, so much better than the touch screen controls of the phone, theres actual buttons! It was impossible to press R and B at the same time on the touch screen!

I have discovered that my laptop has an X-Box Game-bar which lets you record things on your laptop like games while you play, so I booted up Wario Land 4 and got to playing. I used to have Wario Land 3 for the Game Boy Color so this definitely brought back nostalgic memories playing the series again.

I’ve just done a wee video of Level One, Palm Tree Paradise as kind of a Walk-through to test out the whole thing, and I’ve uploaded it to You Tube. Check it out below and if you want to know how to set it up and play, message me and I’ll explain..

There are some issues yet, with a wee bit of frame rate dropping on the Game-bar recording software. I think my laptop doesn’t have the biggest processor. Another issue is that it recorded the microphone too. I un-ticked the record mic button but it still seems to have captured audio of me smoking while playing, and some gamer reviewing something on TV in the background, which I had playing.

I tried it again and recorded the level over, but there were no power up things as I had already beat the level. And you could hear my dogs barking in the background (at nothing!).

Anyways I hope you enjoy this wee video and I plan on uploading more as I play the game.

Hackerman Willy Mods PSP

ScribblingWilly the Badass Hackerman has turned his PSP into a portable Arcade with every game out there, across every Retro platform from the Atari to the PS One. How did he do this? I hear you ask. Well, let me explain…

You’ve probably heard of Modding. PC Gamers have hacked (Or Modded) GTA 5 to let you play as Iron-Man, be invincible, or do any number of crazy things. And you know a PSP is a Playstation Portable hand-held gaming console. It only makes sense to combine the two and hack the PSP with custom Firmware, Emulators and ROMs to play any game for free, in true badass hacker style.

Its not exactly legal, so if your a Sony Rep, a Cop or any Eyeballin’ Muthafucka reading this, mind your business! This is not for you…. move on. Nothing to see here!

maxresdefault (4)

Just like an Android Box, Modding the PSP is perfectly legal. Its what you do with it then that lands you in deep shit. Playing the games that arent out anymore is kind of OK, since nobody but some collector on Ebay is making money off selling the physical copies. But like, PS One games and PSP games are a bit shady, since its basically pirating. Its dodgy enough writing about this stuff!

But Ill soldier on, for sheer entertainment…

The first thing I noticed was the incredible complexity of the whole process. Because its dodgy as fuck, there’s barely any reliable info out there about it. I’ve been reading Forum posts for the past 2 hours, slowly growing more and more confused. Some conflicting info, Firmware versions, Custom Firmware options, Emulator files and ROMs later, my mind was left fucked.


My PSP was bought in CEX, second hand. It had a memory card slot sticking out , I had to cellotape a different thing on it shut, they wouldnt take it back, and finally to add insult to injury, as I settled down and got into the bloody mayhem of GTA Vice City Stories, semi transparent vertical lines began appearing and distorting the screen! They were only getting worse so I figured why not try to mod the piece of shit before I dump it, if I turn it into an unusable brick, who cares! The moral of the story is, don’t buy hardware in CEX, its defective, shoddy and will break shortly after purchase.

I soon discovered that the last update I did on the device fucked my chances of Modding it bigtime. Its on Firmware version 6.61 and to Mod it, I have to run a downgrader program to install the 6.60 Firmware I had in the first place. Why, Willy, Why!!

After I did that I had to choose between two different kinds of Custom Firmware, and thats when I started questioning if this was actually worth the time. So I navigated away from that shit, and looked up what Emulators you can get for when its done. There’s a PS One Emulator, I think you can somehow get PSP games for free too. A Nintendo 64 Emulator, Game Boy , Colour and Advance ones. Looking good as far as console choices go! At least for the Novelty of it like….


But I was becoming overwhelmed with confusion by this point, and thats when I realised that I could probably infect my computer with AIDS by downloading all these Emulators, Firmware and ROMs from dodgy assed sites, so I gave up. Thankfully I didn’t turn my PSP into a brick yet.

Then I began to wonder, is it really worth all this hassle just for a few retro games? I finally decided that I honestly wouldn’t be fucked with all this technical shit, its terribly complicated. And to be honest, who wants to play an Atari 2600? Or an Intellevision? And what the fuck is a Vectrex when its at home?


Nerds out there, don’t hate! I’m just incredibly lazy and wouldn’t be arsed with all this work, when the end product just isnt worth it for me. I saw some Badass PSPs on YouTube with Thousands of Retro Games Modded onto them, and I honestly wanted one. But not with this amount of work!

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GBA Emulators for your Phone

I have been watching a lot of gaming videos on You Tube recently, when Ive just been chilling they are very relaxing to watch. One of my favourites is the Angry Video Game Nerd, who reviews really shite games from the past in a really entertaining way. But all this gaming vid watching was for nothing because my PS3 is ballsing up. Most of my games wont play and I suspect the files are corrupted from not doing the damn system reboot thing when it crashes.

I needed some other way to play games, so I fished out my PSP. Ive got one game called Daxter for that, but I cant find my charger lead anywhere! Its MIA so I thought Id play the Nintendo DS instead, but all I have for that is a Yu-Gi-Oh game. Its a strategy based card game that is pretty addicting but I have played it so much Im bored of it. I looked up some reviews then and was dying to play Mario, but the DS version is 20 quid in CEX so I thought fuck that….

Then it occured to me that I used to have a Game Boy Colour Emulator on my phone, that was free and I had played Mario and Pokemon on that before, so I looked it up and discovered a Game Boy Advance Emulator from the same developer on the Play Store for free! So I downloaded it , then the mission was finding games for it. Turns out it takes a bit of searching but once you find the site, you can get most GBA games for free, along with fan made games too!

The emulator is called John GBA Lite on the Play Store, and the site for the games is called ! You look it up on your phone and its super easy to download the roms, all you do then is search for the games with the emulator and your playing in seconds!

I have played some Mario, but the controls are on the touch screen so take a bit of getting used to. I played some Zelda too but it was a fan made game I think and it was pretty shit. lol. I then found Crash Bandicoot, and played a few levels of that. Im a big crash fan so it was definitely fun! Its cool too that I now have all these class games on my phone to play whenever I am out and about on a bus or some shit.