Gang Stalking

A horrific experience that I myself have fallen victim to a few times, Gang Stalking is scary, traumatic torture. It is basically when one hears voices in their head, insulting them and calling them every name under the sun, 24/7 for days, weeks even months on end.

The voices prey on your every thought, every weakness, every memory, fault, bad decision and mistake you can think of, and they just don’t stop. It continues as you sleep, when you wake up until you go to bed again. For example, I was overweight last time it happened so I was being constantly bombarded with voices in my head telling me things like ‘Your a fat cunt, idiot, piece of shit…’ Pardon the disturbingly foul language but I must describe it. If I made a cup of tea, one male voice would be calling me fat, stupid and worthless, while I poured the tea, another female voice would say things like ‘He cant even pour the cup of tea the idiot,’ as I put in the sugar.’what a slob he cant even stir in sugar, what a mess,’ then the other one would interject talking directly to me. ‘your such a looser, idiot, piece of….’ etc

This continued all day, every day, every week, for months on end. I was driven mad by this torture. My mind came up with theories, it had to be telepathic people somewhere on earth working together taking shifts, to torture me and drive me to suicide.They would frequently tell me to hang myself, kill myself, slit my wrists, jump the bridge… etc. It was my worst nightmare. Imagine a group of the most twisted, evil bullies that can read your every thought! I was eventually hospitalised. I collapsed onto the hospital bed, ready to kill myself, begging the nurses to give me something to shut the voices up!

This phenomenon of Gang Stalking is getting a lot of attention recently, and some theories have been put fourth to explain it. First of all, is the theory popular amongst Schizophrenic and Bi-Polar individuals. They contend that certain groups such as the FBI and CIA have developed sophisticated ‘Particle Beam Technology’ that can read peoples minds, every visualisation, every memory that they think, and project voices, visions and delusional beliefs directly into their heads in an attempt to target them and send them mad. To destroy their lives one way or another.

This theory is too out there for most to believe though, as you truly have to go through it to understand how intrusive and scary it is. It really does feel like an outside force manipulating your thoughts somehow.

The second theory is that it is some form of intense self-hatred. Possibly from traumatic experiences one has gone through, as victims describe the voices being of their attackers sometimes. Your subconscious mind is attacking your conscious mind for letting yourself get into this situation of trauma. Psychiatrists ultimately don’t know though, as I have been told the voices are bad, and the only questions asked were ‘are you still hearing the voices?’. Groups such as Inter-voice and The Hearing Voices Network are setting up self help groups and therapies to understand what the voices are saying, and to connect the content to the trauma victims have gone through, such as sexual abuse, and bullying, neglect and various other traumatic experiences.

This theory holds the most credence and seems to be right on the money, the therapies can truly help those who have been through it come to terms with their suppressed emotions and in some cases even get rid of the voices all together, or turn them into helpful and encouraging voices.

The third theory is one I recently learned of from watching a Pastor talk on YouTube. He described the experience down to a tee, and surmised that it is a form of demonic attack by the cohorts of Satan. He quoted a bible verse that describes a Fiery Trial one must go though as a test when they are called by God to do his work:

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:

While I didn’t run off to join the priest hood upon hearing this, it is interesting to see different peoples interpretations of the phenomenon from each walk of life. There is a perceived intelligence behind the ‘Fiery Trial’ of Gang Stalking, and this interpretation may help believers get through it.

Last but not least, is the most intriguing explanation in my eyes. It begins with the ancient mystery schools of antiquity. There, initiates were taught many spiritual lessons, asserting to them the fact that we are not bodies, but souls that have bodies, and that our soul lives on past death, and before birth. That we are only experiencing this life as some sort of test. Legend has it that these mysterious teachings held supernatural abilities, such as Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and seeing the ‘Spiritual Light’. Over the years, these schools developed into Modern Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is said to be a Satanic cult, with the wisdom of the ages taught to initiates. The Luciferian beliefs of the upper echelons of this secret society, combined with the spiritual gifts this wisdom brings, such as Clairvoyance and Telepathy, could theoretically explain the twisted nature of the Gang Stalking phenomenon. Evil, Satanic and Luciferian preists weilding these powers, driving random people mad for the sheer thrill of it.

I could write an entire book on this theory, and in fact, I am. The plot involves a Luciferian tradition blinding the masses to the truth with the additives and preservatives in our food and water blinding our Third-Eye to the spiritual light within us all. They hide this spiritual knowledge in ‘The Occult’ and lead us like blind lambs to the slaughter, while they implement the ‘New World Order’, feeding off our spiritual energy and having us believe were just flesh and bones creatures without a soul, and robbing us of so much through the education system and television propaganda. A work of fiction of course, but my schizophrenic brain comes up with these things so I may as well share them.

So, in conclusion, whether its ‘Particle Beam Weapons’, our own self hatred, a ‘Fiery Trial’ from God, or a Satanic conspiracy, the Gang Stalking Experience is very real. Maybe some day we will figure out what it is for sure, and finally put an end to it. For when your lost in a delusion, you believe even the doctors and nurses there to help you are part of it. Even your own family. And it stops patients getting help, frightens them and can even drive them to suicide.

It can last days, weeks, months, years, even decades in some cases. It is terrifying, mysterious and needs an answer. It could happen to anyone, at any time, and if it does happen to you, seek professional help immediately. As a survivor I can tell you it does end and there is light at the end of it. You can recover.