Making Money

My laptop has gotten really slow lately. I think its because the hard drive is nearly full. Audio files from my music take up a lot of space, but I cant exactly delete them all because I have plans for them, putting an acapella selection online for producers to remix.

Ive also came into my room drunk one night and ended up standing on the headphone lead which was in the audio jack, and I broke it. So Im stuck with these shitty laptop speakers now, to get audio is a complicated process involving re routing music programs through a recording medium that is just laborious and time consuming.

I need to buy a new laptop, Ive had this one for years now and I think its ready for its retirement. I also have this old-assed TV with a big back on it. It took 3 people to get it up the stairs into my room! It doesnt have USB or HDMI inputs, only scart. I have my PS3 hooked up to it, so that I can watch stuff on You Tube. I get by like, but there is an annoying buzzing sound coming from the old stone age scart setup.

I am going to have to save up, to buy new stuff, and that means not going out for months, because after all the bills are payed and food is bought, I dont have much money at all. So, I guess I am going to be leading a solitary life until Christmas. It will give me time to write my debut album though. But you still need to get out and about once in a while like.

The alternative to staying in for the next few months is getting some sort of job. I doubt that I will be able to keep a job, I have no transport and live in the arsehole of nowhere, and I also suffer from Schizophrenia, combined with laziness. Ive been wating to make money off this music for years now, with no luck yet. So its not coming from there. Selling drugs is illegal so I cant do that either.

I might look into starting a charity for myself that people can donate to. Ive seen people do it! Authors and shit, online asking for donations. I think that is the only option.

If anyone out there can think of any ways to make money, let me know!


Onwards & Upwards!

I managed to get up early today, and get showered and all in time to catch a lift with my mum to Buncrana. While I was there, I went into AIB and sorted out a bank account for myself. This sounds stupid, but I am proud of myself.

When your Schizophrenic, you never get anything done! Its a disease that stops you going out, takes a toll on your personal hygiene and messes up your to do list. But I have conquered all these things! I am hitting up open mics and gigs regularly and meeting with fellow musicians, talking, having the craic. I am showering regularly and keeping myself clean, and I managed to get to Buncrana and get a bank account today!

man at bank

I had bank accounts before I became Schizophrenic, but back then I was a drug addicted party animal, and if youve heard my ‘Living my Life’ song , you know I just got overdrafts on them all and partied away all the money. It left me with a tonne of debt I had to get sorted with MABS (Money Advice and Budgeting Service). MABS are exceptional, they got my Doctor involved and got the debt cancelled out for the most part, due to it being a case of Schizophrenias onset sending me into a mild psychosis, I wasnt in my right mind when I withdrew all that money.

download (1)

Schizophrenia, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. People that would suggest, why dont you get a bank account and withdraw an overdraft and buy us all drugs. Why dont you buy this old car with no brakes and we can go cruising. Why dont you steal your uncles liqour so we can get wasted. I am so glad I seperated myself from those type of people. They caused me untold pain and misery, snakes disguised as so called friends.

Nowadays, I just chill in the house and watch stuff. Ive watched everything there is to see on You Tube by now. I have it hooked up on my PS3 connected to this big old TV I got. My internets too slow to stream stuff on this box I have most of the time, plus Ive lost the remote for it. On the PS3, beside the You Tube icon is one for Netflix. It has been tempting me for ages now, and I finally decided that I have to get it. Thats what spurred me on to get the bank account.


I was sick of not being able to shop online too, depending on others to buy me stuff on their card then paying them. I was convinced I wouldnt get another bank account after the overdrafts, but I decided to try anyway. Everything went smoothly though and I should be properly set up by next week, all going well!

The first things on my shopping list are Wine Yeast, for brewing your own wine. Nobody would buy it for me and you can only get it online, wine made with bread yeast gives you rumpsy-gumpsy after the second glass. Once I get that Ill be brewing the best wine in Muff! After that Ill probably get a few books about Schizophrenia, read up on it. Then once a friend of mine buys me a premium WordPress package for my Willy G Music site Ill probably invest in advertising for the site to get some more traffic to it and sell some music!

I can then use paypal to withdraw the music profit into cold, hard cash! And use it to fund my trips to festivals next summer, where Ill be doing more music! If youd like to get me started and help me make my first euro from Band Camp, you can buy this song of mine called Bad Rhymes on there!