I’ve started posting on a new website, but this isn’t like any other website. ‘Steemit’ is a new platform for writers to showcase their talents, and make money while doing it! It’s basically a website setup on the block chain, which means that it has crypto currency within it. This is a very complex concept, but basically, if you’ve ever heard of bitcoin, it works on the same principle of that, but instead of the crypto currency bitcoin, this website uses its own one, ‘steem dollars’. Writers can post articles and readers can up vote them. Depending on how much ‘steem power’ the voter has, the writer will start to stack up these steem dollars, which they can withdraw at any time as long as they have a bitcoin wallet. It can then be converted into psychical money, or gold, silver or bitcoin, whatever you prefer!

I’ve been on steemit for around 3 days now. I’ve posted 3 articles, and I’ve made about 65 cent so far with the votes I’ve gotten. While it’s not millions, it is a start. I find it really cool that you can actually make money from the stuff your writing, and users seem engaged and they will up vote your stuff if they enjoy it. People are actually reading your stuff. That’s what’s best about this more posting articles that get no attention on blog sites. Its free to sign up too all you need is your mobile phone for verification, they will send you a little text and you can be posting articles and making money in no time! They will give you a key as a password, and it is long, you’ll need to save it in word or notepad and back it up somewhere offline because there is no password retrieval system.

Some of the top posts are making upwards of 60 quid a post, some over a hundred. That’s not bad, considering that it doesn’t take long to write a wee article and post it up, if you write the right thing, you’ll be rolling in money! The more you improve the quality of your writing, the more money you can potentially make. You can promote your posts too, and you can up vote others articles and follow them, kind of like Facebook, there is a feed and everything, with those you’ve followed’s articles appearing in it.

Steemit is a really good idea, giving writers motivation to write the best stuff they can I hopes of easily getting paid for it. It’s a community of writers, and that’s pretty cool too. People can comment on your writing with feedback and well wishes, and as I said earlier, users seem pretty engaged so you won’t be left with no comments wondering what went wrong! If you follow some people whose writing you enjoy, and up vote it, comment on some things, users won’t be long getting back to you and supporting your articles. Some articles on the site are really interesting!

In the end, there’s not much to say about steemit other than, if you’re a writer, get on it and get posting! The more the merrier!

Heres the link to my steemit page

Magic Mushrooms


Magic mushrooms. They grow in most gardens. If you want a free psychedelic trip into a different world, you can pick one. If you do choose to pluck one from the grass, as soon as you do, it turns into a Class A drug and you are essentially a criminal. Well, that is, if you get caught doing it, or worse, drying them. To sell. I don’t recommend that, and I don’t recommend picking them, just in case any nosey guards are reading this, I condone leaving them for the frogs to get high on.

But let’s say you like mushrooms, and think I am talking out of my arse, that there is no way a powerful Class A drug is growing in your garden and you pick one. You now have a choice, just eat it standing hunched over there in the garden and see if I’m lying, or take it inside and brew it up into some shroom tea. Either way, you will see what I mean soon enough, in maybe an hour or less. You may start to see things in a different, more vibrant light. Say you ate one before you read this, you may be finding these words very funny and giggling uncontrollably. I advise you to close your eyes and try to relax, and if you start seeing visions of geometric shapes twirling around in the darkness, well, don’t freak out that’s normal. Just enjoy it.

Be very careful though, don’t make the mistake my friend Jeffry made. He picked some shrooms, ate maybe ten or fifteen, and started tripping balls. He just picked them and ate them as he went, at half three in the morning in his neighbours garden. As they slept soundly, little did they know he was outside talking to the bugs in the hedge and giving them offerings of grass blades, feeling like a God. Jeffry tried not to make too much noise, but as he looked at his dog that had came on the hunt for the shrooms with him, he was very confused when it didn’t bark, but instead ‘meowed’ as it morphed into a cat. He chased it round the garden, as if it was a mystical teacher, guiding him in the ways of instinct, and the grass constantly shined and morphed into an ever changing tapestry of amazing patterns. Somehow, Jeffry made it home during that trip and went to sleep listening to a stop smoking hypnosis tape. It was a good trip.

Jeffry had bought a can of coca cola that day , he had a few in his room, that had been there a week or more and had spores of blue mould and white mould and all different types of mould floating In it, making it thick and viscous, with a skin on top. He told me when he woke up the next morning, one of them was empty, but the one he had bought the day before was still full. And he distinctly remembered downing one in the middle of the night after waking up, still half tripping. The only conclusion he could come to was that the mushrooms had taken over his brain and guided him towards ingesting more fungus in the form of the mouldy coca cola in the night. He said it tasted grand, and he necked the entire can thinking it was the new one. Gross.

The dangers of shrooms really become apparent here. As the days and weeks went on, Jeffry treated the new goldmine of psychedelic drugs he had found just like he would weed. He ate shrooms until he was tripping, and then once they wore off, he ate more. He heard a tolerance builds up so he started ramping up the dosage, brewing batches of shroom tea with like a hundred in each pot, just floating in it and he ate them as he drank. He was so spaced out, it is impossible to describe. This went on for weeks. He took them on the bus as he went to visit his cousin in Dublin, and made tea at his house, tripped out, woke up the next morning, drank some shroom tea before getting the Luas to the bus home. He really tripped out on the Luas but it turned bad, he got paranoid that people were staring at him, passers-by were gawking at him as if they knew he was on something. It didn’t factor into his high mind that they could see his pupils were fully dilated and he had a look of awe on his face. After this, he decided to stop taking shrooms for a while, but due to taking so fucking much, the damage was done.

In the weeks and months later he started believing delusional things, such as thinking there was a camera in his head broadcasting his life on a livestream somewhere online to the entire world. He would see bats from the PS1 game ‘Crash Bandicoot’ flying towards him in the sky, and he was acting very weird. He eventually got so weird he had to be sectioned and was certified as crazy with ‘Drug-Induced Psychosis’. It took months of medication to get him back to normal.

The recovery only lasted until next mushroom season, when he did it all over again, and this happened several years in a row. The only thing that stopped him doing mushrooms after that was headshop legal high drugs, but that’s another story. Jeffry didn’t treat the shrooms with the respect they deserve, you could say what he did was extremely stupid. But he was young and naive and had problems he was trying to escape. But he made a grave mistake in doing so much shrooms, and ended up fucking up his brain for life with schizophrenia.

Mushroom season is coming, and if any of you are thinking on doing shrooms, there are vast resources of information online about how much to take, how to take them, and where to trip so that you don’t have a bad one. Not to freak you out, but the bad ones are what can mess up your mind. As you’ve seen from the mouldy coca cola you have to be careful because you won’t be in your right mind. Always trip responsibly.

Here’s some Trip advice

Irish Hip Hop



Hip Hop is a form of artistic expression that started in New York in the Seventies. Since then it has evolved into many different sub-genres, and spread across the entire world. You can find local hip hop in any country on earth. Most of it is unknown, doesn’t get into the mainstream, and is ‘underground’ as we call it. There are many different styles of Emceeing and Beat Making, Scratching and Break-Dancing. They all started in America, but since then you can find those elements of the culture everywhere.

Local Emcees (rappers) write about their lives, and represent where they’re from. The best of them rhyme in their own accent and write about the truth of what happens in their lives. There are some who use fake American accents and act like they are from there, but this is frowned upon in the culture. Don’t get me wrong, some of the hip hop in the underground is complete trash, emcees that don’t have the proper set up, using cheap microphones and screaming into them, something I am guilty of doing back when I was 16 and just getting started. Some emcees can’t flow at all, or just write rhymes that don’t connect, or don’t represent their life, instead, they imitate their idols and write gangster lyrics and things like that. Yet they still share their songs, hoping for feedback to get better but most people don’t even take them on and just dismiss it as trash. But there are others, who know what they are at and can captivate you with a song, that garner respect from their fans and are known all across the island by the community.

I became a hip hop artist at twelve years of age, when I heard the fresh prince rapping ‘Boom, Shake the Room’ on a dance song tape my aunt had given me. I was enthralled with the style, it wasn’t like other music, the lyrics were faster and resonated more with me than any other songs on that tape. They had real meaning to me. The metaphors and rhymes really stimulated my imagination and I just thought it was the best thing I had ever heard. Then, the Fresh Prince changed his name to Will Smith and came out with songs like ‘Men in Black’ and ‘Getting Jiggy with it’. It sounded really good to me, so I got a notebook and copied down all the lyrics to ‘Men in Black’ by ear, to rap it along with the track. That was the start of it, and I did that for a good while, until my uncle bought me Eminems ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’.

I was thirteen by then and the profanity and sick and twisted rhymes just made my day, I was convinced this was the coolest thing I had ever heard, and I decided I wanted to be an Emcee. I started writing my own rhymes, very simplistic at first, but over the years they eventually developed into more complex patterns and flows that began to mean something to people and actually sounded good! I managed to get a wee cheap microphone and record a few songs, which went round the town and got a good response. I wrote rhymes with a friend and we recorded them and sent them to people online, ringing up Radio DJs and stuff but we didn’t really get anywhere.

I linked up with another local Emcee in the following years and we did a proper album, printed up copies and sold them, got some gigs around the place and did pretty well. But that’s when schizophrenia struck and I spent the next ten years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. But through it all I kept writing, ever since I first heard hip hop it was like a bug, I couldn’t stop writing because I really enjoyed it, and I could work through problems by letting out what was on my chest in a song. I kept releasing tunes online throughout those years, something I still do. I believe my love of hip hop got me through the darkest of times, and was a real life line, without it I might not even be here.

I had dreams of making It big back in the day, but as the years went on I gradually accepted that this would just be a hobby. Since I first performed, I think I have made about 20 quid from this hip hop. A combination of lack of work ethic, schizophrenia troubles and people just not caring. It is very hard to find success in Irish hip hop. But the enjoyment I get from it, and the response I get from crowds and listeners online keeps me writing. I don’t think I could stop if I tried. I am addicted to hip hop.

The genre is still considered an American thing, and the response of most people is that an Irish emcee must think he is black. It’s not respected by the general public, and Irish emcees can even be seen as a joke, by those who aren’t fans, and just don’t understand it. I’ve often heard people say that it’s just talking to a beat. We have to defeat those negative views and accept it for what it is, another part of the culture that has merged with the one here in Ireland.

The biggest problem with Irish Hip Hop is that it is hard to find. Unless you know an artists Soundcloud or Youtube, you’re not going to be able to listen to them. And the amateurs that I mentioned earlier often put people off it once they stumble across them. There are no Irish publications such as magazines or anything where you could follow artists careers, and you really have to be ‘in the know’ to find the good stuff.

The general consensus is changing on Irish Hip Hop though, and people are beginning to take it seriously. The support is growing, emcees are getting on television and radio, and in the paper, some doing big gigs, and achieving a lot of success. The Irish hip hop scene is still in its infancy compared to the U.K and America though, and I would say it will be a few years yet before anything big happens, but emcees like me will no doubt keep making music until then.


Check out my new song here


Schizophrenia. The term used to describe many states of perception. If you believe delusions, see things that aren’t there, or hear voices in your head, you are deemed to be in a psychotic state. If this continues for years on end , it is diagnosed as schizophrenia. At least this has been my experience. You are admitted to hospital forcefully, and kept there until your mental faculties return. You are put on heavy anti-psychotic medication, something many patients disagree with. And you are expected to take it for life. At least , that has been my experience.

The core root of the problems are not investigated. At least, they weren’t by my psychiatrist. Promises are made, for instance, I was told I would be on this intramuscular xeplion injection for a year at most. Here I am two and a half years later, and I am still taking it monthly. The psychiatrists I have met with do not seem to believe in recovery from this disease. Yet online, there are lots of stories of recovery.

As a patient suffering from the disease, it is very confusing when you research it. One side are saying this, the other side are saying that, and nobody is saying who to believe. According to mainstream psychiatry schizophrenia is a degenerative brain disease that is genetically determined. But according to other studies, the antipsychotics are what is causing the degenerative effects, and the so called disease is nothing but a reaction to trauma the patient has been through in life. There are people saying that recovery is possible. And the only way to decide who is right is sifting through mountains of research and even then you will probably be left confused.

As a patient who has been admitted to hospital 5 times over the past 10 years, I have to say that the system needs changed. The intervention team coming to your house while you are psychotic and forcing you into their van, and into hospital is a very traumatic experience on its own. Then being kept in a ward with other patients that have unstable mental states is very scary. Being told that you can sign yourself in, but if you don’t you will be forcefully kept in there, is also , very confusing. Being treated like you are a criminal and locked up for losing your mind temporarily is not a pleasant experience.

Then comes the stigma surrounding mental illness. People often make fun of crazy people, you can hear references to it in most causal conversation, terms like, ‘your mental’ and ‘nut job’ are often fired around. People are scared of associating with a mental patient. Shows about serial killers don’t help either, since the killer is often schizophrenic. This creates a negative view of psychiatric patients in the eyes of this society. And it is the patients themselves that have to live with it.

Some see psychosis as a spiritual experience, and they are often happy , hearing helpful voices and staying positive about their ‘disease’. Those that are told it is an illness, often hear disrespectful and mocking voices putting them down, and feel at their wits end when everyone takes the psychiatrists view of the illness model. Theres no one to turn to in that situation. You tell your psychiatrist and they put your medication dosage up, you tell your friends, they don’t understand, they just think you need your meds. Patients can feel alone. Isolated and lost.

While there is no magic wand that will cure the disease, get rid of the stigma , fix up the mental health system and make people believe it is a spiritual matter rather than a disease, we must look at these issues and see what can be done. Psychiatry has come a long way since the middle ages, but a little known fact is that you can still be lobotomised. You have to consent, and a group of psychiatrists have to agree, but It is still practised.

What we can do as a people is explore ways to help patients cope with the disease, if that is believing that it’s a spiritual matter then so be it. Educate the population on the suffering involved with psychosis. Campaign to end lobotomies and other harmful medical practises involved with psychiatry and get the facts out there for patients to know the truth about the disease. Only then will we be able to cure or better treat schizophrenia, and psychosis.

Scribbling Willy!

Good Evening folks! I am Willy, and I will be posting some things soon. Im not too sure what exactly I will be Writing about but I can Guarantee it will be interesting!

I am an aspiring author from Muff, Co.Donegal, Ireland.

My plan is to get into short story writing, and novels too. Blogging and writing different pieces on things such as reviews. Anything to do with writing basically, I will be at it. So keep your eyes peeled and some good content will be coming soon!

Thanks folks.